Jacksonport Discusses Fireworks Ordinance

The Jacksonport Town Board was set to discuss a new ordinance that would require anyone possessing or using fireworks within the town to obtain a user’s permit from the town. The consideration of the draft ordinance was set for Wednesday, March 8, after this issue of the Peninsula Pulse went to press. 

Although it’s legal to purchase fireworks in Wisconsin, state statutes regulating fireworks [167.10 (3)] state that “no person may possess or use fireworks without a user’s permit from the chairperson of the town in which the possession or use is to occur or from an official or employee of that municipality designated by the chairperson.”

The town’s draft ordinance states that the purpose is to “promote public safety by establishing provisions for possession and use of fireworks within the Town of Jacksonport,” and it would require the permit to be issued at least 10 days prior to the use of the fireworks. Violation of the ordinance would result in a fine of between $50 and $500. 

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