Jill Gilson Releases ‘Dad’s Journey’

Jill Gilson of Luxemburg – an English teacher and mother of three – has published Dad’s Journey: The One That Taught Us How to Love (Page Publishing). This moving tribute to a life well lived – even in the face of overwhelming challenges – tells the story of family members who rely on each other to endure a life-changing event

When Arnie Kustka became a paraplegic from a blood infection, his life turned upside down as his abilities became more limited and his challenges increased. His family members experienced many emotions but were determined to give Arnie and his wife, Shirley, the best life possible

His journey was not an easy one, but he and Shirley learned to accept his condition. The family’s faith and love for each other also grew stronger, even after Arnie’s passing.Dad’s Journey is available at bookstores, in the Apple iTunes store and on Amazon and Google Play.