Keeping High School Athletes in the Game

Door County Medical Center’s team of certified athletic trainers support Door County high school athletes with fulltime trainers onsite at all four Door County schools and are present at each high-contact home high school athletic event.

A large group of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, athletic trainers, physical therapists and other physicians make up the complete team that supports Door County athletes. During football season and all year long, athletic trainers work with students, coaches and parents to focus on injury prevention, treatment and return to play.

“Our athletic trainers are highly skilled and are always looking out for the best interest and safety of the athletes,” said Deb Whitelaw Gorski, OTR, director of Rehab Services.

The sports medicine team works with Dr. Philip Arnold, a certified sports medicine physician, and a trained concussion expert. Dr. Arnold has been a medical pool physician for the United States Ski Team since 2008. He enjoys being on the sidelines of Door County high school athletic events along with the players and the entire Door County Medical Center  (DCMC) team that supports them.

Arnold’s special interests include preventive care, pediatrics, injuries, concussion management and minor procedures.

Being healthy means being active. But being active can mean an occasional bump, bruise or injury. Door County Medical Center’s sports medicine team of experienced doctors, nurses, athletic trainers and physical therapists are dedicated to keeping Door County high school athletes in the game.

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