Leftover Salmon Joined by Secret Sisters At DCA July 1

On July 1 at 8 pm, jamgrass band Leftover Salmon will team up with tight-harmony duo The Secret Sisters for another extraordinary double-bill at DCA.

For the past quarter-century, progressive bluegrass jam band Leftover Salmon has established itself as one of the great purveyors of Americana music, drawing deeply from the wells of rock, folk, bluegrass, Cajun, soul, zydeco, jazz, and blues. Based in Colorado, Leftover Salmon is the direct descendant of bands like New Grass Revival, Grateful Dead, and The Band, playing music that reflects the Appalachian hills, the streets of New Orleans, the clubs of Chicago, the plains of Texas, and the mountains of Colorado.


Secret Sisters. Submitted.

Joining Leftover Salmon are The Secret Sisters. Real-life sisters Lydia and Laura Rogers grew up in Muscle Shoals, Ala., and have spent a lifetime perfecting their impossibly tight harmonies and unmistakably authentic sound. Barely in their 20s and already building a national reputation, The Secret Sisters sing in a way that’s “true like a river current” (NPR). Their most recent album, released last month, was produced by Brandi Carlile.

Tickets range from $29 to $49. Advance reservations are recommended and can be made through the DCA box office, located at 3926 Highway 42 in Fish Creek. Tickets can also be purchased by phone (920.868.2728) or online at


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