Letter to the Editor: Call DNR, Legislators to Protest Climate Misinformation

I am greatly troubled by the DNR’s recent decision to revise its webpage on climate change to state that current planetary changes are “being debated.”

It used to say human activity was the primary cause. Given that more than 97 percent of publishing climate scientists are convinced, based on the evidence, that human-caused global warming is happening (, this is equivalent to the Department of Health Services stating that doctors are no longer sure smoking is harmful.

Propagating such misinformation is contrary to the DNR’s professed value of “Integrity” ( and confusing the public about the causes of the most serious environmental threat of our times makes a mockery of their mission “to protect and enhance our natural resources: our air, land and water; our wildlife, fish and forests, and the ecosystems that sustain all life.” And “To provide a healthy, sustainable environment.”

Give the DNR a call at 888.936.7463 and ask them to either revert their webpage back to represent scientific reality or change their mission statement. Also call Senator Robert Cowles (Chair of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy) at 800.334.1465 and Representatives Joel Kleefisch at 888.534.0038 and Jeffery Mursau at 888.534.0036 (chairs for Assembly Committees on Natural Resources; Environment and Forestry respectively) and ask them to use their positions to set the record straight again.

Dan Herscher

Birchwood, Wis.