LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Republican State Legislators Versus Wisconsinites

Gov. Tony Evers issued Safer at Home orders to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus among Wisconsinites. This order, in compliance with the CDC and other federal-agency guidelines, respected the wishes of Wisconsin voters who favor stay-at-home restrictions (the latest Marquette poll, on May 7, shows 69 percent in favor; in late March, it was 86 percent). It has worked well.

When Evers extended the order through May 26, with guidelines to begin responsible and gradual reopening, he used good judgment based on medical recommendations and scientific data. The virus is still here – as dangerous and virulent as before – and we still do not have sufficient PPE for frontline medical and other essential workers; we still are far short of adequate test kits and testing; we still do not have a clear plan for contact tracing or further retesting. Nothing about the virus has changed since it began.

Republican state senators and state representatives acted carelessly and without regard for public safety by challenging Gov. Evers in the state Supreme Court. They do not have a plan for reopening that ensures safety. They simply do not care about the best interests of the people.

They only care about fighting Evers – as they have done since he was first elected, when they met in a rushed special session to remove existing powers and responsibilities of the newly elected governor and lieutenant governor. They forced in-person spring primary elections, again at the cost of public safety (so far, at least 67 poll workers and voters have tested positive). They put their personal political ambitions ahead of the people.

Unfortunately, the state Supreme Court has a partisan, conservative majority, and the court supported the careless actions of Republicans. Wisconsinites need to speak out, especially at election time.

Bob Kinosian

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin