Letter to the Editor: Consider My Candidacy for Gibraltar School Board

I am informed that Wendy Minten, incumbent member of the Gibraltar Area School Board and a candidate for re-election on the April 4 ballot, will soon relocate to an overseas community. While she did not know of her relocation at the time she submitted her application for candidacy, she has learned that Wisconsin election law does not allow her to withdraw a candidacy once submitted. Due to her imminent relocation, I understand that Mrs. Minten will not accept a re-election to the Gibraltar Board.

Given these facts, I have submitted an application as an official write-in candidate for election to the school board to the Gibraltar District Office and the Door County Clerk. Prior to the deadline for candidacy in the April election, I did not submit my name in opposition to the two very qualified incumbents. However, with Mrs. Minten’s change in circumstances, I am strongly motivated to make a renewed contribution to the education of children in the Gibraltar Schools.

I ask voters to please consider my candidacy.

Stephen Seyfer

Fish Creek, Wis.