Letter to the Editor: Dallet for Supreme Court

In the wake of the decision of the 2014 Scott Walker-appointed Judge Josann Reynolds (Dane County Circuit Court Branch 2) ordering Scott Walker to call two special legislative elections by noon on Thursday, or face contempt charges and potentially jail, Republican state legislators are scrambling to introduce changes to state law, attempting to circumvent that judicial order, which would unequivocally disenfranchise the voting rights of 230,000 citizens, right here in Northeast Wisconsin.

With legislative special sessions being scheduled immediately after the April 3 Wisconsin Supreme Court election, with the intent of introducing and voting on changes to circumvent this special election mandate by Judge Reynolds, Judge Rebecca Dallet becomes the only choice to fill the seat of financial recusal decision compromised, retiring Justice  Gableman.

Judge Dallet is the only choice for the Supreme Court seat which will ensure any possible retention of the now near non-existent “small d” democracy left in this state of the union and potentially be the only roadblock to stopping this GOP move to disenfranchise all voters in the 1st Senate district, as Walker and Schimel and Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald face losing their fascist grip on state policy.

If 1st Assembly District GOP bookmark Joel Kitchens wishes to claim any future integrity in calling himself a legitimate representative of the people of this district, he will be out with a press release today, immediately announcing the 15 GOP state Assembly representatives he has organized to block and oppose his own state GOP legislative leadership’s efforts to circumvent Judge Reynolds’ special election ruling, period. He could put an immediate stop to the Vos and Fitzgerald plans before they even call another special session to attempt to save Scott Walker’s legal “behind.”  

We’ve just seen days ago, the fake gun control legislation Kitchens has commented on, legislatively ignoring the non-partisan wishes of 70 to 80 percent of all Wisconsin voters who are demanding actual gun control measures be immediately enacted in Wisconsin. Will he cower again for special interests or will he finally act in the public interest of his own district on this issue and demand full legislative representation for us in Madison?

Vote Judge Rebecca Dallet for Wisconsin Supreme Court on April 3, there is no other option for democratic governance in Wisconsin this time around. Past precedent from Kitchens holds little promise for democracy.


Don Freix

Fish Creek, Wis.

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