Letter to the Editor: Good For Sean Ryan

I think that everyone loves the Fall 50. With the exception of a letter to the editor written last week [“Editorial Discretion Needed” by Katrina Hull], I’ve never even heard a negative comment.

What is wrong with “Drunk Wives Matter” as a team name, and worse yet, the winning team name?! Oh no!

When did everything become so unfunny? When did everything become offensive?

Good for race director Sean Ryan for stepping up to faux moral outrage and standing on the principle that PC culture does not get to dictate all facets of our lives.

I’m concerned for the future that persons like Katrina Hull want. A future in which not only your speech is not free, but neither are your thoughts.

When the Professionally Offended scold us for our wrongthink, and demand that we behave according to their preference, we’d all do well to take a lesson from Sean Ryan, and say, “Nope. Not gonna do that. You can run along and be as offended as you like in your own personal safe space.”


Scotty Watts

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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