Letter to the Editor: Laws Do Not Prevent Crime

In response to the letter to the editor titled “Can We Control Ourselves?” [volume 22, issue 29], I am moved to respond.

I have come to the conclusion that “sensible gun laws” and “common sense” gun laws refers to those laws that a person simply likes and is dependent upon an agenda that is not aimed at saving lives but upon denying others a right to protect oneself and one’s loved ones.

There are many gun control laws on the books…many are not enforced even though they were often touted as “common sense.” Illinois has hundreds of restrictive laws on their books, yet in Chicago shootings number in the scores, almost every weekend. Their laws are so restrictive that there are no gun shops in Chicago proper. Where do all those guns in the hands of felons come from? I thought that felons could not even pick up a gun? Their laws obviously do not prevent crime.

Laws do not prevent crime. Let me repeat that – laws do not prevent crime.

If they did, we would not have crime since there are so many laws detailing criminal acts!

Laws codify antisocial behavior so that certain acts can be prosecuted at the discretion of the local district attorney.

Much of the rhetoric seen today is about “gun control” and now this writer brings up gun confiscation on the order of Australian efforts. As far as Australian events go, even the Australian government realized that their laws were legalized theft and to salve their feelings required that the owners be compensated and called it a “buyback.” Do you really think that a firearm that has been in the family for 75 years, even though it is not used but kept for sentimental value, really has a money value?

In recent days we have seen trucks used to kill scores in France and an ax and a knife used on a public conveyance [in Germany] with the user shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Folks, it is not the weapon, it is the ideology that drives these awful acts. In days past we have seen homicide bombers committing terrible crimes. What kind of people will allow their women to kill themselves in order to also kill a few people?

But in this I agree with the writer. Maybe we should have some laws that make it illegal to blow oneself up in a crowd. Then those perpetrators could be properly punished. Oh, maybe not, just one more useless law that would be tough to enforce.


Jack Inyart, MD

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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