Letter to the Editor: This is Our Moment

Recently we’ve been spending time with 3 candidates running for City Council.  We are working alongside them as they pour their hearts and souls into this campaign. Running for election isn’t easy and is made more difficult by the winter weather as they go door-to-door introducing themselves and listening to voters.

Here is what we’ve noticed:

  • Seth, Kelly and David are truly excited to bring transparency back to our city government.
  • They themselves have wonderful ideas about moving forward. They acknowledge the needs we have and the importance of finding solutions by including all citizens in the process.
  • They all have experience in public service and bringing people together.
  • They all understand the time and energy commitment they are making to represent us, and are excited about it.

Please vote for Seth Wiederanders, Kelly Avenson and David Hayes.


Kathleen Finnerty and Kelly Swingen

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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