Letter to the Editor: Pay Attention to Green Site Rules

The Baileys Harbor Green Site was opened several years ago to provide a location for Baileys Harbor residents to have a place to dispose of compostable yard waste, and as of this past summer, the town expanded the Green Site to have a permanent recycling site and scrap metal collection.

All areas at the Green Site are well designated with signage that provides important information for correct use of the facility. Some concerns have occurred with items being improperly disposed of at the Green Site, so, hopefully, this information will be helpful for members of our community to better use the Green Site.

The recycling bin collection is referred to as “Single Stream” and can accept the following items: telephone books, newspapers, junk mail, office paper, brown paper bags, flattened cardboard, magazines, aluminum/steel/tin cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and paperboard.

The scrap metal collection bin can accept items such as old grills, bicycles, lawnmowers (drained of any gas), and other metal objects. The sign clearly states No Garbage, No Electronics, No Liquids, No Wood, No Yard Waste and No Plastics.

Unfortunately when the bin was recently collected by Advanced Disposal, it contained so many unacceptable items the town had to pay a fee for garbage disposal, instead of generating income from the value of the scrap metal.

The sections for compostable yard waste have areas for lawn clippings and brush, and also have wood chips and mulch available for Baileys Harbor residents. Please remember that any treated or painted wood is not compostable.

We can all make a difference by becoming more knowledgeable about the importance of recycling and be more responsible with how we use the Green Site. My goal is that the Town of Baileys Harbor can continue to provide and expand on these important services to our community.


Roberta Thelen

Baileys Harbor Town Supervisor

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