Letter to the Editor: Strong Schools, Strong Community

The following is an excerpt from a letter to Door County public school staff by the Strong Schools Strong Communities initiative.

Interested individuals can contact their school district’s superintendent for info.

From the moment a child steps onto one of our buses, or onto our public school properties, they enter a nurturing environment. This environment, focused on the development and success of each child, is the result of our public school staff’s collective efforts. Their contributions, as professionals and individuals, differentiate and elevate our schools. The collaborative, child centered focus of our teachers motivates and inspires students to learn and to realize their potential. Safe transportation, well maintained facilities, healthy meals, effective office staff, caring associates, and professional administrators all support and enhance a positive school experience and great educational outcomes. Staff sponsorship, participation, and support of the many other school-centered activities make our schools the heart of our communities. Marian Wright Edelman said, “Education is improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it.” As members of the “Strong Schools Strong Communities” initiative, and on behalf of the many other people who recognize and appreciate the skills, dedication, and efforts of our public school staff – thank you for making our schools Door County’s best investment for the future.


Fred Anderson, former Gibraltar School District Board of Education President; Marilyn Fitzgerald-White, Southern Door School District community member; Jesse L. Harness, former Southern Door School District employee; John Hauser, Sturgeon Bay School District School Board of Education President; Lynnea Hickey, Gibraltar School District Board of Education Treasurer; Keith Miller, Sturgeon Bay School District School Board of Education Vice President; Dan Tjernagel, Sturgeon Bay School District Superintendent; Sue Todey, Sevastopol School District School Board of Education President; Michael Toneys, Southern Door School District Board of Education member; Linda Underwood, Sevastopol School District Superintendent; Tina Van Meer, Gibraltar School District Superintendent; and Patricia Vickman, Southern Door School District Superintendent

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