Letter to the Editor: Good Schools Are Asset for Any Community

We feel that it is a privilege to live in Door County. We have many benefits that other places do not have. One of the greatest benefits is the Sevastopol School. Good schools are an asset for any community and its people. We also have been privileged to have some of the lowest school taxes in the state for many years, and most people realize that there will come a time when school buildings must be upgraded for not only safety but also the changes in learning that we never dreamed of. Past history has proven that putting off the needs of our students has resulted in costing more than it would have when it was first needed.

Thank you to the Citizens Facilities Advisory Committee that has worked diligently and informatively and have looked into many options. If you have questions regarding the upcoming referendum, contact any committee member to get the facts. Then vote as if your children were going to the Sevastopol School, knowing that educated children are the most important investment in our future.


Ruth and Carl Scholz

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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