Letter to the Editor: Sturgeon Bay Needs a Fourth Bridge

Yes, the City of Sturgeon Bay needs a fourth bridge, a bridge to unite a divided city. Though Thad Birmingham retains his position as Mayor, challenger Laurel Brooks lost by a very narrow margin of 52 votes with the final count of 1,894 to 1,842. Voters responded with a clear message that there needs to be change. The city’s 66 percent voter turnout, perhaps the largest in an April election in 17 years, included 428 new voter registrations.

I ask our Mayor, City Council, and other administrative officers to consider the benefits of building this bridge for which there is a need for unification. A blueprint for success requires common sense. Open, two-way communication and transparency are, admirably, its only cost. Everyone working together makes the construction built with integrity. The strongest, most suitable bridge our community can be proud of is that which is built out of these tools we can well-afford to put to use.

This is a priceless investment for our future and our children’s future. Let’s lead by the best example. Yes, Sturgeon Bay needs a fourth bridge. Let’s get started, shall we?


Bethany A. Kirwen

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.




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