Letter to the Editor: Accidents Ain’t All Bad or What A Show of Humanity!

Well, it happened. Something I’ve feared since moving to Door County. I spun out on the highway near Jacksonport and landed in the ditch. Which in this case, was a snowbank.

I’m so very grateful that I was uninjured, that it was daytime instead of nighttime (scary!), that I had enough gas in the car so I could keep it running to stay warm, that I have AAA, and that my phone was charged up so I could wait on hold for 30 minutes. And, that I got to see such a show of humanity!

I thank the many kind people who stopped to see if I was OK and tried to help. Because these are the folks I can identify, I’d specifically like to thank Ken from Shopko, Dave from JJs, the woman driving the Edible Door car, the guys in the 7-Up truck, Steve from Kiehnau’s, and Deputy Lemke, who helped keep me safe and gave me a very nice and deserved scolding.

Because … bottom line, I was driving too fast for the conditions. Be careful out there people and be prepared for emergencies!

Amy Dwyer

Ellison Bay, Wis.