Letter to the Editor: Always Check Your RX

I reordered my three-month supply of a maintenance drug through the automatic voice mail system of a national pharmacy located in Sturgeon Bay. I picked up the prescription the next day. I had a conversation with the clerk explaining I did not need to talk to the pharmacist as I was quite familiar with the drug. I did question the cost as it was more than I had paid in the past. When I arrived home in Ephraim, I discovered that the prescription was incorrect and contained a different drug than I had ordered. I called the pharmacist and was informed that it was me who had made the mistake in ordering the drug. They said it was a federal law not to take a drug back once it leaves the store.

The next  day I went back to the store and talked to the pharmacist who was not in the least bit interested in discussing the issue. There would be no refund, no store credit, and I was told, they do not make mistakes. They said it was my fault. They were not at all sympathetic and basically said, ‘too bad.’ I asked the pharmacist to check my phone order, but my request was denied.  

It was my fault that I did not check the prescription before leaving. I am posting this incident to let the public know to always check their prescription before they exit the store. Just a reminder – the pharmacy never makes mistakes. 

Tad Dukehart

Ephraim, Wisconsin