Letter to the Editor: And So It Goes

As we watch the continued dog-and-pony show in the House of

Representatives, we must question what did we do to deserve a replay of the movie Ground Hog Day at the start of this new year?

There are somewhere between 10-15 members in the house that are called the hard right. They cannot run our government semi-peacefully with their own party. As a result, our government is at a standstill and we narrowly escaped another threat of a shut down. Guess who

that affects?

It’s been widely reported that Congress was the most unproductive in decades in 2023. They passed only 27 bills into law. I do not know about anyone else, but I think this is pathetic.

We can continue to vote party lines but folks, this is not working. We the

people must read, study, investigate and watch many different news stations to make educated decisions on the best people for these positions or we are going to be stuck in this constant repeat of going nowhere. In the words of Jimmy Carter, “We are all Americans together, and we must not forget that the common good is our common interest and our individual responsibility.”

Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin