Letter to the Editor: Close Our Borders

It’s time the Biden administration closes our borders. A sovereign country must have closed borders. Biden doesn’t need more money to get the job done. We have existing, adequate laws that just need to be enforced.  

There is a simple solution. Just reestablish the rules implemented by the Trump administration, and the problem will be resolved. 

Even the mayors of the large democratic cities have clearly stated they don’t need nor want more illegal immigrants.  

I am not against immigration. But all immigrants should come in legally, as most of our European immigrants did.  

Immigrants are given benefits – I think sometimes better than our own citizens – and we don’t know who they are, or their backgrounds, or what diseases they may have. We have allowed thousands of Chinese and Russian immigrants in. Are those of military age likely to be in terrorist cells?  

We just witnessed where a group of illegal immigrants attacked and beat two of our policemen in New York city.  

Biden can stop all of this with a stroke of the pen.  

This is a terrible way to buy votes, which appears to be the major goal.   

This will be the big item in the November election.

Jim Newman

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin