Letter to the Editor: Disappointed Consumer

Not about the disaster we call Washington D.C. and all that does or does not transpire there. Not about draining ponds or building buildings nobody wants. Not even about animals, which is my favorite subject. They’re smart. Nope. I want to talk about my day today, Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019, as a consumer.

It started off with a trip to my cat’s veterinary clinic. Lewey is on a special diet that was prescribed to him by his doctor. Last month I paid $1.93 for a 5.5 oz. can. When he was first prescribed this food back in 2012, it was $1.53 per can. OK. I guess a 40-cent increase over seven years is to be expected. Today I paid a shocking $2.89 per can. Like the great Glenn Beck once said, “Quick! Get me a roll of duct tape! I have to wrap my head up before it explodes!”

After that I went grocery shopping. My ice cream began to melt as I was waiting in line at the one terminal that had an actual cashier at it. The lovely lady was working as fast as she could. Meanwhile, two other guys on staff were over in the self-check area, trying to persuade people to check and bag their own groceries. The couple in front of me wheeled their cart over there, only to have to stand in line again as they waited for a terminal to open. The man looked at his wife and said, “You know what?” She did know what. They walked away from their cart of groceries and simply left the store. I, feeling that was a swell idea, followed suit. I did have the forethought to tell the young man “manning” the self-check area that the ice cream was melting. I have no interest in checking and bagging my own groceries. It takes a job away from both a cashier and a bagger. Also, if I am expected to do the staff’s job, then I fully expect at least a 10 percent discount on my groceries.

Last stop? A hardware store. They had three baskets of small Salted Nut Roll candy bars selling for only 50 cents each. I really like Salted Nut Rolls. One of my favorites, but not today. I went out to my vehicle and immediately opened my little mid-morning pick me up. Smelled old and stale. It was so hard that I could not break it in half, so I twisted pieces off. The pieces weren’t really chewable, unless I was willing to risk breaking my teeth, so I just sucked on the pieces until the nougat dissolved, and then I could gnaw on the peanuts. What a disappointment.

My point is this. Fair pricing, good customer service, and a decent product are not too much to ask as a consumer. Or am I a dying breed?

Sharon Thill

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.