Letter to the Editor: Do We No Longer Teach Civics in High School?

The interview with Yana Zenefski was quite uplifting (“The Unsilencing of Yana Senefski,” Jan. 5 Peninsula Pulse). Ms Zenefski’s civic involvement is an inspiration, irrespective of her political persuasion.  What matters is that she gets up off the couch, puts her e-device aside, and not only does something but leads others in her efforts – without snide comments or judgment.

I was only dismayed by Ms. Zenefski’s statement that her high school “doesn’t teach you how to register, how to vote, how to research candidates.” Do we no longer teach “civics” in high school? And if not, why not? Perhaps we need to rethink this curriculum decision?

The future is indeed brighter with young people like Ms Zenefski who roll up their sleeves and take it upon themselves to educate themselves and their peers and immerse themselves in how they wish to be governed.

Mick Sagrillo

Forestville, Wisconsin