Letter to the Editor: Excellence Witnessed

After near a now intolerable decade of the “Whatever we can get away with” era, led by the “Whatever we can get away with” Chief; witnessing support of lawlessness by those who should know better; being told something was when it clearly wasn’t – I had pretty much given up on the ideal of excellence ever being an American standard again.

But I witnessed it Sunday afternoon at the Southern Door Auditorium. Beautiful, real excellence. No conman telling me something was that wasn’t.

The final performance of Mary Poppins was nothing less than excellent. Kudos to all who set the bar high! Thank you!

I will add that there were likely more than a couple LBGTQ folks involved with this excellence.

And a side note: the Peninsula Pulse listed our wars, including numbers killed and wounded. Let’s remember those are the physical wounds. Mental wounds far exceed those numbers, not only for the wounded but those who cross paths with them. Yet we can still thank them for their sacrifice.

Diane Evenson

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin