Letter to the Editor: Feeling Sorry for Biden

I can’t be the only guy who feels sorry for Joe Biden.

After the 2016 election, with the defeat of Hillary and the retirement of President Obama, Biden was the most prominent and respected Democrat politician in the nation. Little did he know that the time for “conventional” Democrats had expired. Extreme left-wing socialist activists had hijacked the Party! This became obvious when he entered the race for Presidential nomination in 2020.

Biden was the target that most of the other candidates attacked. He was weak on abortion rights. He was sexually threatening to women. He hobnobbed with avowed racists. He was a war monger. He was against bussing for integration purposes. He took contibutions from billionnaires. He was against universal “free” healthcare and college, and a guaranteed income for all. He did not believe in racial quotas for prisoners, or a wholesale release of those incarcerated. He was against the total ban on oil and legalizing mind-altering receational drugs. He still believed that most foreigners require a passport to enter the country. Then came the “C” word. Capitalist! Geez. Did they all think he was a Republican?

Biden, in the new era of identity politics, loses. He’s the wrong gender. He’s the wrong race. He’s the wrong age. He’s never been a “victim.” He has the wrong sexual orientation. He never saw it coming that these factors would torpedo his chances for success. Now, he’s been reduced to wandering around the country apologizing to this or that special interest group for whatever. Sad.

Yes, too bad that the most qualified, experienced, and sanest candidate of the Democrat-Socialists is not far enough to the left for the Party’s base. I doubt he’ll win the nomination.

His timing was off. He should have run in 2016. He could have beat Hillary for the nominatiion, and would have handily won the general election. Too bad he was too timid to take on the ruthless Clinton machine. He’s a tragic figure who now belongs to the past.

I feel sorry for him.

Tom Felhofer

Union, Wisconsin