Letter to the Editor: Good Versus Not-So-Good Government

Over the past few weeks we have seen crystal-clear examples of good government and not-so-good government. Recently Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) announced that she had helped secure $9.3 million of federal Department of Transportation funds for a new grain transhipment facility at the Port of Milwaukee. That will mean more business and more jobs in Wisconsin. Sen. Baldwin’s actions epitomize good government.

During that same period, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wisconsin) voted, along with his fellow Republican legislators: for MAGA election- denying House Speaker Mike Johnson; to reduce funding for both the EPA and the National Park Service; and to enable tax cheaters to avoid paying taxes by reducing funding for the IRS.

Voting for a person, to be the second in line for the Presidency, who denies the legitimacy of the election in which they themselves were elected, does not seem like good government to me.

Similarly, voting against funding for our natural resources (air, water, and National Parks) would also appear to be not-so-good government. Like you, I appreciate clean air and water and treasure our National Parks. Reducing our support for such resources does not look like good government to me. Rep  Gallagher supports such actions.

Finally, a few words on the IRS. If a person or business owes federal taxes, these tax cheaters don’t actually owe those dollars to the IRS, they are stealing from you and me – their fellow, tax-paying citizens. These cheaters are thieves, and enabling that group is not good government. Rep  Gallagher voted for that policy.

What do you think?


Mike Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin