Letter to the Editor: Help Bring Fair Elections Back to Wisconsin

In November 2020, Door County citizens overwhelmingly approved the advisory referendum to make redistricting a nonpartisan process in this state. Door joined 13 other Wisconsin counties that have passed similar referendums by an average of 72%. Clearly, Wisconsinites want fair elections and fair maps, regardless of their party affiliation.

Our representative, Joel Kitchens, recognized this and listened to his constituents. He has signed on to co-sponsor AB68, the legislation needed to replace the current partisan redistricting process with a nonpartisan process. We thank him for his strong stance and are grateful that he listened to his constituents. This is how democracy is supposed to work.

But the work to have fair maps is far from done. AB68 is sitting in a committee and may not ever see the light of day. Those currently in the top seats of power in the Wisconsin Legislature would prefer to continue to draw gerrymandered maps that essentially allow them to pick their voters to keep themselves in power, and they are willing to spend literally millions of our taxpayer dollars to fight about it in court.

AB68 needs to come out of committee and have a full debate and vote on the Assembly floor. Committee on State Affairs Chair Rob Swearingen ([email protected]) is blocking this bill. Please contact him to demand that he bring the bill to the full Assembly.

Senate bill SB389, the companion bill for AB68, will also never see the light of day unless the Senate Committee on Government Operations brings it to the full Senate. The chair of this committee, Duey Stroebel

([email protected]), is blocking SB839 from being introduced to the Wisconsin Senate. You could also contact our senator, AndrĂ© Jacque ([email protected]), to urge him to join his colleague Rep. Kitchens by co-sponsoring SB389. 

Help bring good government, with fair elections, back to Wisconsin!

Pat Scieszinski

Chair, League of Women Voters of Door County

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin