Letter to the Editor: Help Fill Our Hives By Not Mowing Until June 1

Global warming affects the bees too. Hives in the wild are in tree crevices or shaded areas during summers, and other places that are protected from direct sun and cause less stress on bees. Winter, when trees shed their leaves allows hives to be warmed during winter.

With spring arriving, ‘bee’ a sanctuary – do not mow until June 1.

The emerging insects need those juicy shoots to energize for the season. Don’t weed and feed your lawns – bees are dying because of it.

Our food supply and yours is dependent on your assistance. Let the dandelions feed us our first meal of the year.

Thank you for your gardens of flowers and clovers and cherry blossoms and apple blossoms, too. It’s our job to fill our hives and fertilize your plants and fruit trees.

Jean Hollander

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin