Letter to the Editor: In Honor of Bob Zak

This letter is in honor of my late father, Bob Zak, because I felt the need to be a voice for him, what he stood for and his love of this great nation.

My dad volunteered to serve in the Army and was deployed to Vietnam. He went to be with Jesus in 2016 after enduring 12 years of five different cancers associated with his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

My dad loved this country. He was so incredibly proud of the service and sacrifice he gave to America and every single American. My dad stood for faith and family. He stood for respect, integrity, honesty, honor and freedom. 

He did not quit. Bob Zak was committed to his missions, jobs, community and family, no matter how difficult life became. He stood for love for every person. Bob Zak stood for community, helping neighbors constantly, building neighborhoods – never for destruction. My dad would always treat you with respect, no matter who you were.

So I am here now to ask, in his honor, that respect be shown to each other in the community, state, nation and world. To respectfully disagree if needed, but to listen to each other with understanding. To respect the United States flag, the history behind us, and the future ahead of us – when we can learn how to improve.

My dad voluntarily sacrificed his life and family for the United States of America. He endured so much pain and suffering. I want him to look down on this great nation and know that we remember his service. That we remember and honor all of those who sacrificed for this nation. 

God bless our communities, families and the United States of America.

Wendi Ray

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin