Letter to the Editor: Jacque’s Political Agenda Too Extreme for His Moderate District

Let’s show our political leaders that we don’t want extremists like state Sen. André Jacque speaking for us in Madison. 

Jacque wants to ban abortion entirely, without exceptions for rape, incest or the mother’s health. He pursued a “personhood” amendment to the state Constitution that could place the interests of the fetus above the interests of the mother; he wants to outlaw birth-control measures; and he tried to stop the UW Medical School from giving abortion training that is required for medical school accreditation. 

He also cosponsored a bill exempting all firearms in Wisconsin from federal gun laws and regulations. This radical bill rejects established law; even the NRA has supported some limited federal requirements.

Sen. Jacque was the only Wisconsin state senator who signed a Jan. 5, 2021, letter asking Vice President Pence to postpone the Electoral College vote so state legislatures could try to decertify the election results. The leaders of his own party rejected this radical effort to overturn the election and seize power. 

An outspoken opponent of COVID-19 vaccination and masking requirements, Sen. Jacque was hospitalized in August 2021 with a severe case of COVID-19. Even after this experience, he hasn’t made any statements encouraging people to consider vaccinations or to take any basic public-health precautions.

Although Jacque seems like a decent person, the drastic elements of his political agenda are way outside the mainstream and are not a good fit for the generally moderate district he represents. 

Fortunately, we have a strong alternative in this election. Andrea Gage-Michaels is a bright, dynamic person who has experience as a journalist, a regional director for the Better Business Bureau and a lawyer protecting seniors. She can redirect legislative focus away from divisive rhetoric, concentrating instead on protecting our communities, increasing jobs and resources, funding our local schools, expanding access to broadband and quality health care, and protecting our waters. 

Thomas Krueger

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin