Letter to the Editor: Let’s Get Immigration Policies on Track

I am deeply concerned about the direction our immigration policies are going. When children are being used as political pawns and separated from their families, something is wrong. American values are being diminished and lost.

However, one of our elected officials is stepping up. Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin believes tearing families apart is wrong and immoral.

That’s why she cosponsored The Keep Families Together Act, which would restore a more humane approach that respects individuals seeking asylum in our country and ensures children and parents are not separated at our border.  

Senator Baldwin is also a strong voice for our Dreamers who are still waiting to hear their fate.

We need to be sure that our immigration policies are realistic, based on factual truth, are non-partisan in policy, and reflect compassion and American values. Senator Baldwin does not demonize and berate people, and she works for solutions based on fact. Plus, on complex issues she’s willing to create and support bipartisan legislation.

This is the kind of person I want working in the U.S. Senate on our immigration policies. Let’s keep this hardworking Wisconsin Senator in the U.S. Senate and re-elect Tammy Baldwin this November.


Stefan Peters

Sister Bay, Wis.

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