LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Level of Safety, Assurance From Ultraviolet Light

Trump suggested that we consider using ultraviolet light, both internally and externally, to cure the coronavirus. That advice was of course absurd as this light can be extremely dangerous.

But if you have a business that’s open to the public, or a home or condo that’s offered for rental, and if that facility has ducted forced air for heating and/or cooling, there may be a role for some form of ultraviolet light in protecting your customers (and employees) not only from the coronavirus, but also from any other germ or virus that may be transmitted via aerosol in the future.

I am not in the business of selling or installing heating or cooling systems, or ultraviolet filtration systems, but I am having such a system installed in a property that I own in Door County. I suggest that this is a step that could add an incremental level of safety in fact, and a level of assurance to customers who may be concerned about entering your business or rental property.

If this applies to you, please think about it. It could help show both customers and employees that Door County businesses are concerned and that we value them. I suggest that you contact your heating/cooling professional to get the best advice and to suggest a course of action, if any, that may apply to you.

Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin