Letter to the Editor: Need Four More Years? I Think Not!

This letter is directed at the letter titled, “We Need President Trump.” Sir, you appall me. You appear to be somewhat literate, yet like many of Trump’s followers, you choose to adopt every lie that spews from his mouth. Alternative truths and fake news were red flags to most of us, but you swallowed it all – hook, line and sinker – at great peril to this country. You cast aspersions on President Obama, yet he is trusted and respected throughout the world. Try saying that about Trump. 

I think what bothers me the most is that you’ve heard and witnessed – straight from horse’s mouth – some of the most asinine bits of Trump’s logic and thoughts, such as toilets use too much water (in the middle of a pandemic), drinking bleach, windmills causing ear cancer, buying Greenland, grabbing women, calling people names like some 12-year-old, lightbulbs cause cancer, McCain was a loser for being a POW, email is for wimps, sleeping is bad, vaccines cause autism, and it goes on and on. 

And you and your fellow Trump fans listen to that stupidity and say, “Yep, that’s the man we want to run the most powerful nation in the world!” You have a lot of nerve mocking Joe Biden. 

I would be curious to know what you think of current affairs in our country. It seems apparent that under Trump’s leadership, Trump’s America provides us with divisiveness from the White House, continued divisions in our society, a pandemic that does not seem to concern Trump, burning and rioting in our cities, distrust from our allies, a rise of right- and left-wing radicals, a rise in homegrown terrorism against minorities, the proliferation of Russian interference in our elections, and a seemingly slow creep toward fascism. 

This is all on Trump’s watch, and he is ill equipped to address these issues during the next four years because he has been culpable for throwing gasoline on these fires. How does that greatness taste, Trump fans?

Richard C. Johnson

Fish Creek, Wisconsin