Letter to the Editor: No Need for Political Commentary in the Pulse

I like your [Jim Lundstrom] writing and love the Pulse, but I could really do without political commentary in the Pulse, such as yours in the “What a Very Weird Year It Was” article in the latest Pulse. Trump is indeed different, even weird and unsettling at times, and that’s exactly what won him the election. Traditional politicians may learn a thing or two from the experience, and perhaps Trump, with his unconventional ways, is just what the country needs right now. As for Mike Gallagher, he was an outstanding candidate for the House and eminently more qualified than any primary contender and Tom Nelson. Perhaps that’s why he won, not allegedly deceptive ads paid for by the RNC (as though the DNC isn’t guilty of that also). Let’s keep the Pulse a reprieve from what other outlets of “journalism” have sadly become – loaded with bias, distortion and “correct” thinking. I look forward to editorial commentary in the Pulse on beer, food, nature, the arts, etc., not politics.


Angelo M. Ninivaggi, Plexus Corp.

Neenah, Wis.



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