Letter to the Editor: Rolling Thunder

This Memorial Day weekend I was watching the news and the sight of all those Harley Davidsons riding through the streets of our capital, as a disabled veteran, I was not only moved, but extremely proud of something so synonymous with the state of Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, I then reflected on a prior week’s news item that Harley is closing its Kansas City plant, laying off hundreds of workers, and opening up a plant in Thailand. One of the laid-off workers of 18 years with Harley was asked if he still supported the president, with his beautiful family sitting next to him, he said “yes.” So what did Harley do with the mass savings from the Trump corporate tax cut from 35 percent to 21 percent?

They announced a $696 million dividend increase and stock buyback plan, and opened a plant in Thailand. What am I missing? Please explain to me how this makes America great again? What about logic, reason and truth? Maybe it’s in my Deacon’s loving sermon Sunday, when we love one another; we will see the true brilliance of humankind.

Peace and Love, Brothers and Sisters.  


Pete Thelen

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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