Letter to the Editor: The Morality and Ethics of Tammy Baldwin

What ever happened to the concept of human decency in the way we speak to one another? Even in the way we debate one another? Big money, greed, and the insatiable quest for power have replaced civility and acceptable forms of communication. Watching the debate between Tammy Baldwin and her opponent, one was struck by the similarity between this event and the recent Supreme Court confirmation hearings.  I want the moral and ethical behavior of a Tammy Baldwin to represent me any day, in Wisconsin or anywhere, not the sneering, sniping, overt disrespect that some seem to mistakenly consider the best way to get their point across (or their side of the aisle elected). Yelling the loudest is not an effective substitute for misrepresenting the facts.

Yes, what goes around comes around. Sound familiar? But let’s look at this expression from what we know about Tammy Baldwin’s record and the nonpartisan approach she would favor rather than as the ugly threat it was recently intended to be. Affordable health care with protection for pre-existing conditions and the continuing ability for women to make their own reproductive rights decisions are fundamental freedoms that we absolutely cannot allow to be lost. In addition, Senator Baldwin has a history of protecting her constituency and won’t fail us now, whether the issue is fighting opioid addiction, working to lower the costs of prescription drugs, or getting big money out of politics.  

Yes, let’s come back around by re-electing an incumbent who dignifies us with her calm respectfulness and strong work ethic while being very clear that her principles will not be supplemented by the need for a loud voice or a false claim. I am proud to associate with this woman – she gives me hope and encouragement to keep working for those fair-minded causes that will surely make this a better world, where the ability to speak with intelligence and kindness are considered strengths, where belligerent and abusive dialogue are not tolerated.

Please join me in voting, and vote for Tammy Baldwin.  


Judith Miller

Baileys Harbor, Wis.

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