Letter to the Editor: The Philosophy of Con Men

The “wealthy” can’t win without your vote. There are just not enough of them. So to retain their influence and their power to protect their interests, they prey on your fears to get your vote: your fear of losing your guns, fear of not getting into heaven unless you vote to “protect” fetuses.

They get you to believe that it’s OK to sacrifice classrooms of our happy, loved and wanted children at the hands of unwanted, unloved misfits to protect your right to sleep with your gun! And that it is “normal” to force females who have been violently raped (happens 24/7, 365) to carry resulting pregnancies for nine horrible months to give away the babies to unknowing strangers! 

You cannot “fix” unwanted and unloved for nine months in the womb! And to suggest that “banning” abortion would end it is ridiculous. Abortion has been going on for centuries and will continue as long as men “get their way.” Isn’t that really what “MAGA” means? Make abortion a felony; felons can’t vote; so women lose their right to vote! Men in charge … forever …

Republicans have no platform! Evidence: their national convention! 

All they do is demonize Democrats. Listen to their ads. Blaming Democrats and Joe Biden for what has been going on. This is Trump’s watch, yet he says he takes no responsibility! 

This is Trump’s America. Death. Chaos. Americans scrambling to keep their heads above water! Joe Biden hasn’t been in any position of power since he was Obama’s VP. He’s not in charge of anything. He is not causing any disruption! Obama chose Biden to step up if he could no longer fulfill his duties. No one objected! 

I asked an old friend if she would feel safe shopping on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. She said yes! Contrary to the GOP “gossip” ad we have heard enough of. But as Trump himself boasts, if you tell a lie often enough, people believe it! The philosophy of con men …

Diane Staszel 

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin