Letter to the Editor: The Republican Democracy Borers?

I am worried about America’s future. I am very worried that more people don’t seem to be worried. There is a sizable chunk of America that really couldn’t care less about matters that people are dying for in other countries. Here, we just go on letting dark money buy our lawmakers, banning books, and suppressing and gerrymandering votes. 

The Republican Party, after calling Jan. 6 “legitimate political discourse,” now has decided it won’t participate in truly legitimate political discourse by boycotting the presidential debates. I believe Republicans now favor riots over debates. Do you agree?

Our democracy didn’t just fall out of the sky and thrive on its own. Lately, when I drive down a formerly beautiful, tree-lined road, I see the poor ash trees struggling to survive the emerald ash borer. I find myself thinking of our democracy struggling to survive the reckless policies of the current Republican Democracy Borers.

Every dying ash tree should remind us of our flawed Republican lawmakers and the $700,000 of taxpayer dollars going to a corrupt election-fraud witch hunt. We should be reminded that our Republican congressman quietly accepts the fact that his party calls a major riot “legitimate political discourse” yet refuses to participate in presidential debates. These actions are rotting our democracy. Citizens who just accept these actions with a shrug are part of the rot as well. 

Think about our threatened democracy every time you see a dying ash tree. The same policymakers who favor riots over debates are responsible for reducing the power of your vote and making it harder for you to vote. See a destroyer of our democracy whenever you see one of those trees. In that way, dying ash trees can help us visualize the Republican Democracy Borer infestation. 

Although it is too late for those trees, we can still save our democracy. Vote to save democracy, not to rot it. It is easier to keep it than it will be for our grandkids to rebuild it.

Mike Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin 

Editor’s note: This letter has been modified from the original to omit an inaccuracy. The legislature did not vote to spend the money for the election investigation, which was at the sole discretion of GOP Speaker Robin Vos.