Letter to the Editor: We Aren’t Winning, We Are Losing: Lives, Farms and More

More dots for all to consider and connect.

The Republican Trump Administration Agricultural Secretary has referred to the backbone of America and Wisconsin, our farmers, as “Whiners.” Perdue was appointed by the Republican Trump Administration and confirmed by the Republican Senate. The Trump Trade War is taking its toll on the Wisconsin economy, once America’s Dairyland and now according to Secretary Perdue, merely a bunch of whiners. Wisconsin lost family farms at a rate of nearly 2 per day in 2018. The Trump Administration isn’t doing much to help sustain Wisconsin’s family farms. Trump thinks they are just whiners. Let’s connect those dots. Is the Republican Trump Administration good for Wisconsin’s economy?

Also, consider this. Countries around the globe are warning their citizens to be concerned about their health and safety if they plan on visiting the United States (not North Korea, Somalia, or even Mexico – but the United States). Would you visit a country with “rat infested cities,” unclean drinking water, and frequent senseless acts of random violence? These are the dots that now define America, Wisconsin and Door County. These are the dots created by Trump rhetoric and policies and supported, through their inaction, by the Republican controlled Senate.

During the few years of the Trump Republican Administration we are losing lives to mass shootings, farms to bad policies, as well as tourist dollars to inflammatory (often racist) rhetoric, political inaction and general incompetence. Dots and more dots. We need to wake up as citizens and start connecting these dots. Good things are not happening in this country. Innocents are being killed, farmers are being disparaged, tourists are being encouraged to go elsewhere. The path we are on, needs to be changed.

Mike Brodd

Sister Bay, Wisconsin