Letter to the Editor: Why Should You Vote on April 4?

Although abortion seems to be a front-running issue for many, in my opinion there is much more at stake when choosing who will be on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

The stakes in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race could not be higher! Major reforms from the past 25 years in Wisconsin are on the line, including Act 10 reforms that have saved taxpayer dollars and given school districts the ability to remove bad teachers from the classroom;

school choice, which has allowed disadvantaged families a pathway out of failing schools; election-integrity laws such as stopping ballot harvesting and drop boxes and requiring photo IDs.

They’ll strike down any protections for the unborn, and for any reason – not just for rape, incest or life-threating cases. They’ll create their own maps to give Democrats a partisan advantage. They’ll threaten gun owners, our Second Amendment and our concealed-carry rights.

If Janet Protasiewicz wants to change the laws, she should run for Congress. Because that’s not the role of the Supreme Court.

So, if any of these issues strike a nerve, vote for Dan Kelly. His message hasn’t wavered that his job is to interpret the law and see whether it’s constitutional, not rewrite it.

And finally, vote yes on the three referenda. 

It’s all on the line in one election, so vote early because life gets busy sometimes!

Arlyn Londo 
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin