Letters to the Editor

  • Do Your Part

    When I attended my first Climate Change conference in Door County in 2014 I knew virtually nothing about the scope of it other than that the polar icecaps were melting causing rising sea levels and endangering the lives of polar bears. That first conference alerted me to so many other plights caused by climate change. […]

  • Recurring Problems

    Regarding the recent article, “Beach Road Construction Stirs Residents,” I would like to know just where the comment came from which was attributed to Pat Hockers: “Pat Hockers, committee member and owner of Hockers Excavating, traveled down the road and saw about nine trees that would be slated for the wood chipper, not including dead […]

  • Rescue Run

    A couple of days ago I called Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay to ask them to send a volunteer to Egg Harbor to pick up and transport an injured seagull. I was informed that there is only one couple in our area that volunteers with the sanctuary, and they had just dropped off […]

  • Crying Foul

    The July 31 edition of the Peninsula Pulse contained a letter to the editor titled “We Are All Wisconsin.” The letter was written by a Mr. John Holevoet of Dodge County, who by his own admission works for the Dairy Business Association. His purpose seemed to be to malign the intentions and the character of […]

  • Thanks for the Walk

    The Door County Medical Center Auxiliary wishes to thank all those who contributed to the success of the 55th Annual House & Garden Walk held on July 28. It was indeed a success, hosting more than 1,200 people from our great state of Wisconsin and Illinois, and netting approximately $35,000, all of which goes to […]

  • Is Kitchens Listening?

    For 1st Assembly District constituents who were paying attention to the “listening” sessions after the initial announcement of the 2015-17 biennial state budget, and based on his near absolute public silence throughout the budget process, it is difficult to determine what concerns were actually ever heard by Representative Kitchens. Viewing the final budget, none of […]

  • Candidate Koch

    He boasts that he’s a preacher’s son— he begins each speech with that; then extols his rural upbringing in Iowa farmland, green and flat; he claims to be as common as dirt, and as honest as the corn that grows, forgetting, perhaps, that like the corn he’s now a walking, talking GMO. His views owe […]

  • Time for Public Meetings

    Congressman Ribble, it’s time for public meetings. Our US Congress is on its second longest recess of the year, over a month long. This time is usually spent getting in touch with constituents – us. Not so much for our Congressman Reid Ribble, who represents all of Northeastern Wisconsin. Since January 2011 when he took […]

  • Even Chickens Learn From Experience

    It is almost amusing to see the trend of dairy farming in Wisconsin today under the urging of the University and Department of Agriculture claiming the need to expand to be able to keep up with demands to “feed the world.” Europe and Asia are at all time high milk production and have surplus of […]

  • Disappointed

    After the frightening summer storm on Sunday so many businesses and people pulled together to assist others. I’m fortunate to now call Door County my home. However I am very disappointed that sometime after 9 pm vandals attempted to steal our road sign. Yes, it’s quirky – Any Old Road, but theft? Years ago it […]

  • Follow Rules of the Road

    Tuesday as I brought my summer school students home and Thursday as I took my summer school students to school on the school bus I was passed by a vehicle. This really ticks me off. The law clearly states that when a school bus is stopped and displaying the red lights, vehicles must stop! Tuesday, […]

  • Where Are Good Peaches?

    As recently as four years ago I remember being able to purchase peaches and nectarines that were truly ripe. Just the right softness, just the right sweetness, and juicy to where one needed a napkin. No more! This year I have shopped at all the stores locally and have been disappointed every time. The fruits […]

  • It’s All of Our Concern

    All of Wisconsin needs to be concerned. If they allow over expansions and liquefied manure spreading on thin and sensitive soils over karst topography in northeast Wisconsin, the permitting of more mega dairies and other livestock CAFOs will continue throughout the state. Door County is in danger of being bombarded with proposals for new mega […]

  • Excited to Join Community

    Hello, my name is Dr. Gereon Methner, and I have the honor to serve as the new Secondary Principal at Gibraltar Area Schools. It was clear to me during the interview process that this is a special community with a tremendous school system, and I am truly excited to join the team and become a […]

  • Total Disrespect

    Sometime in the past two weeks, my mom and dad’s graves at St. Joseph Cemetery were vandalized and articles stolen. I discovered it last evening when I went to visit them. This apparently has happened since the last lawnmowing as the flower planter was lying on the ground long enough to make a brown spot […]

  • Dog Whistle Not Needed

    In 1965 President Lyndon Johnson, with his civil rights legislation, alienated the “Southern Democrats,” who were by and large Democrats only because President Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves. A Republican prior to the mid 1960s found it hard to be elected a dogcatcher in the South. In 1968 candidate Richard Nixon wooed these alienated […]

  • Bay Walk

    I believe we should have a picturesque setting for our bayside. In Door County, where art is a No. 1 attraction, we have an opportunity to create a European dockside with shops and restaurants. Visitors and locals can stroll, browse and buy among flowers and beautiful views. I grew up in South Shore Chicago, a […]

  • Look to Our Commonalities

    I was stimulated by the “Adieu” letter in last week’s Pulse. Without expounding too much, I was very impressed with the following section: “Similarly, we remain steadfast in our beliefs that God is love, that grace is freely given not earned…that we must work for the greater good and for social justice by caring as […]

  • America, Is This the New Reality?

    When a person running for the Presidency of the United States of America is referred to as “the Donald,” and makes inflammatory remarks of a particular race, and makes comments about whether a real American hero, is in fact a hero, is somewhat suspect. As unusual as that seems, some of the other candidates are […]

  • Presidential Material?

    Articles appearing in various publications concerning the failed Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), a creation of Governor Walker which was supposed to create jobs, should give readers an insight as to his money management skills. This incident is but one of a series of budget mismanagement episodes and other questionable financial dealings that have occurred […]