Linen and Driftwood

Peter Ciesla, fiber artist and owner with his partner, Skye, of Bazyli Studio Wearable Art Gallery in Baileys Harbor, has a way with textiles and driftwood. Recently he has been working with raw, natural linen, creating textures and combining it with driftwood collected over the years on beaches throughout the United States. The combination is evocative and intriguing – wearable art that can also be a piece of art for the wall.

Ciesla has been inspired by the beauty and simplicity of driftwood polished by nature since the late 1990s. He created a series of large sculptural neckpieces from 1998-2004, incorporating driftwood, gemstones and bead embroidery. He also incorporated driftwood and beads into some of his clothing designs of the same time period. He has continued to work driftwood into his jewelry designs over the years, but only recently gave these found natural objects a prominent place in his work once again. His most recent wearable artwork is titled “Plethora.” Ciesla is also working with natural linen in his clothing designs this season, creating beautiful designs and textures.

Besides the linen and driftwood wearable art pieces you will find a collection of Ciesla and Skye’s collaborative Bazyli jewelry line, as well as wearable art from other artists.

Bazyli Studio Wearable Art Gallery is located north of Baileys Harbor, off Highway 57 at 2551 Ahrens Road. The studio is open 10 am to 5 pm, Wednesday through Sunday, or call 920.839.2526 to come by anytime.

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