Lobbying for Change

Madeleine Para, national program director of Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL), will speak to the Door County Climate Change Coalition at 7 pm on July 16 at the UU Fellowship in north Ephraim. The public is invited to attend.

Para, who is just back from the CCL annual conference and lobby day in Washington DC, will talk about CCL, her experiences in Washington, the legislation that CCL is working to pass, and how people can help.

Para explains, “More than 625 people were in DC this week, and we lobbied more than 90 percent of Congress. We continue to nudge the Democrats and Republicans toward each other, and interest in our legislation is strong even though the political conditions remain very difficult.”

If you have been wondering what you can do as an individual, attend this meeting. For more information about CCL visit

The UU Fellowship is located at 10341 Hwy 42 in north Ephraim. For more information call 920.854.3330.