Moral Dimensions of Climate Change Discussed at UUF

Dan Dieterich, Wisconsin state coordinator of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, will speak on “Climate Action: A Moral Imperative” for the Climate Change Coalition of Door County’s Oct. 7 program at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Ephraim. The program begins at 7 pm. It is free, and the public is welcome.

Dieterich will explore the moral dimensions of climate change and the increasing call for climate action by leaders of diverse Christian denominations and other faith communities. Pope Francis’s Laudato Si is not the first encyclical to deal with climate change, but it was the first to call for climate action with such passion and to support that call so extensively. Before Francis, other faith leaders had issued statements in response to climate change, but the encyclical has inspired many to issue new calls to climate action. Dieterich will discuss why faith leaders consider climate change such an important moral issue and how they are calling upon us to respond to it.

Dieterich leads the Stevens Point Chapter of the Citizens’
Climate Lobby in addition to serving as CCL’s state coordinator. A long-time
environmental activist, he co-chairs his church’s Green Team and led a recent
project to compile and publish faith-based statements on climate change. He’s a writing consultant and professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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