Fishing Camp for Kids Coming in May

He calls it Fishing Camp for Kids, and he’s giving away rods, tackle and knowhow.

But guide and outfitter Todd Haleen emphasizes that he also wants to teach the parents and grandparents at his first fishing instructional event for children in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Haleen, the owner of Lakeshore Adventures in Baileys Harbor, sees dozens of families each year who want to take their children or grandchildren fishing. They’ll browse and maybe bring a rod up to the county – and then ask how to tie on the hooks, what to put on the hook, how to cast and whether to use bait or lures.

Ideally, he hopes families will fish together. He hopes the parent or elder who comes to the camp can remember how to stay safe around the water, how to tie knots, or how to add a bobber or weights and retain information from the camp to help the youngsters after the camp.

“I really want to get more kids fishing,” Haleen said. “They need to get out and enjoy this area we have and all it has to offer.”

During the fishing camp – set for 20-25 children from 11 am – 3 pm May 11, and then 20-25 more on May 12 at the Baileys Harbor Town Hall – the older children will receive open-face spinning reels and rods and the younger ones will receive a closed-face spincast reel and rod.

Each also will receive a new tackle box filled with hooks and lures, bobbers, pliers, a new line cutter, a stringer and tape measure.

Haleen’s vendors also want to instill a love of fishing and the outdoors in more kids, so they steeply discounted items below his wholesale cost so he could give them away.

The camp schedule starts with an hour of lessons on equipment, tools, knot tying, slip bobbers, types of lures and bait and how and when to use each; proper and safe fish handling; and identifying and measuring fish. Casting practice will follow, along with demonstrations on how to net a fish that’s caught, how to set the hook and how to bait a hook and keep the line tight.

At 11:45, campers, their parents or volunteers will tie on hooks and weights.

At noon, he’ll invite parents to drive their children to a dock, possibly on the Green Bay side, in a location where he believes they’ll have the best luck fishing for smallmouth bass and northern pike.

While he and some of his helpers will talk about all sorts of lures and techniques, he’ll set them up with minnows for bait.

“I want these kids to catch fish,” he said.

Parents should bring or ask for a life jacket for the child and make sure they dress for the weather and bring their own snacks and drinks.

Haleen asks anyone interested in helping with the event to call him at 920.421.1368. To register, visit

The town hall is located at 2392 County Road F in Baileys Harbor.

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