Make and The Makeouts Release ‘Witchu’

Album art by Suzanne Metzel. Check out more of her work online at or on Instagram at Handmade by Suzie.

After a handful of lo-fi home recordings made and released during the pandemic, Make Keene and the Makeouts are back in full swing with a new single called “Witchu.” The spooky, swampy jam was recorded in April at Camp David in Fish Creek. With references to the devil, Charlemagne, ghosts and cemeteries, “Witchu” is just right for the witching hour.

Written by Keene, who handles lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, the song features haunting vocals by Zephyr Ciesar, the rumbling growl of guest artist Frank Maloney, and the funky, thundering drumwork of Dan Smrz. His brother, David Smrz, engineered the session, and Bruce Butkovich mixed and produced the track and played bass guitar. 

“Witchu” is now available on all streaming platforms.