Manners Matter

Dear Peter,

That’s quite a claim. There is a lot of attention focused on Peninsula State Park as it celebrates its 100th year. Nowhere in my historical research, however, have I come across any question of ownership. It is on record that the State of Wisconsin purchased the property for less than $20 an acre in 1909.

Since your uncle Clyde is doing time, I’d say that you should take the blinders off about the man. Either he is delusional (likely) or he just wanted to wind you up (even more likely) or a combination of both (most likely). Clyde is wearing prison orange, so you should consider the source.

Rather than spend your time living in the land of fiction, you should embrace reality. Your family does not own the park. Nor are you in line for the crown of England. Nor will a letter appear in your mailbox notifying you that a long lost treasure has appeared and you are the rightful claimant. This is why the editors will not respond to you and the police don’t have time for you. I couldn’t help but jump in since you called me your last resort. That always warms my heart to hear I’m someone’s last resort.

Buck up, Peter. Most of us head to the salt mines daily and don’t own nearly 4,000 acres of land in Door County. You’re going to have to buy an annual park sticker like everyone else.

Good luck,

Mary Pat