Manners Matter: Any Ideas for Last Minute Halloween Costumes?

Dear Mary Pat,

I still don’t have costumes figured out for my kids and Halloween is right around the corner. It’s not in our budget to get store-bought costumes (we have six kids) and with our schedules, this is not highest on our list of priorities. Any ideas for last minute costumes?



Sturgeon Bay, Wis.



Dear Costume-less,

When we were younger, we didn’t even know store-bought costumes existed. I think you are putting too much pressure on yourself. If your kids are old enough to be interested in Halloween, they can help come up with ideas too. And with all the resources out there, you don’t need my costume ideas. I didn’t have one clever costume as a child and I’ve still lived a normal, productive life. Look on eBay, Google “cheap costume ideas,” enlist the help of one of your girlfriends, look in the local thrift stores. There are inexpensive options out there. Also, the day after Halloween all the costumes go on clearance up to 70 percent off. If you plan ahead, store-bought might be in your budget after all.

Good luck,

Mary Pat


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