Manners Matter: Distracted Driving

Dear Mary Pat,

The leaves are starting to change and the cars are already slowing down as a result. I know the trees are beautiful but I see cars driving too slow and not always staying inside their lane. Can you please remind people that driving while looking at everything but the road can be dangerous?


Good Driver

Ephraim, Wis.


Dear Good Driver,

Yes, it is getting to be leaf peeper season. Door County is painted with all the gorgeous hues of fall and the beauty can stop people in their tracks. This is fine if these people are on foot, but it’s a different story altogether if they are driving. Distracted driving is distracted driving. It doesn’t matter if the leaves take your focus off of the road or the ding of your phone or your hamburger: it could cause easily cause an accident.

If you need a closer look at a particular group of trees, pull over (only if it’s safe to do so) and turn your car off. Or, you could also have someone else drive while you get your fill of the views and switch and do the same for him or her. While driving, maintain the speed limit and keep your car between the lines. If we could all remember these simple and essential rules of the road, we could have less driving headaches as a result.

Good luck,

Mary Pat

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