Manners Matter: Family Pets

Dear Mary Pat,

I keep asking my parents for a cat but they say my sister has an allergy. I’m not sure if they are being honest or they just don’t want a cat. It doesn’t seem fair. Can’t my sister just take medicine or something?


Younger Brother

Egg Harbor, Wis.


Dear Younger Brother,

I don’t think your parents need to come up with an excuse; they would just say no. I’ll give you the same advice my parents always shared with me:  life isn’t always fair.

Allergies can be miserable, even with medicine. I’m sure you really want a cat, but I’m sure deep down you don’t really want your sister to suffer.

When you are older and live on your own, you can get a cat then. In the meantime, maybe you can see about volunteering at the local Humane Society so you can spend time with some cats.

Good luck,

Mary Pat

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