Manners Matter: How to Handle Road Construction – Nicely

Dear Readers,

I’ve received several questions pertaining to road-construction faux pas, so I thought I’d create a list of helpful suggestions to assist locals and visitors alike.

• Telling business owners in a construction zone that there’s road construction going on is a little redundant. They also know there’s a detour and that their sales may be affected.

• The words “Road Closed” aren’t a mere suggestion or a dare. Also do not assume that the “Road Closed” sign makes an exception for someone who is in a hurry, someone who just needs to go about four buildings down, someone who doesn’t feel like taking a six-minute detour, someone who lives here year-round, someone who is new to the area or someone who is here just for the weekend.

• The words “One-Way Traffic” are also not a suggestion. See the point above.

• Do not complain about the road projects. They’re dusty, loud and inconvenient, but they have to be done. Grumbling about them won’t get them completed any faster.

• The construction workers are trying to safely guide you through cones and barrels while large, heavy machinery and trucks are going back and forth mere feet from your car. For the safety of the workers and the preservation of your vehicle, please pay attention to the workers’ directions and move slowly through the construction zones.

Good luck,

Mary Pat