Manners Matter: Sucker-Punched Breakup

Dear Mary Pat,

My friend just broke up with her boyfriend, which is obviously her right. However, he didn’t see it coming whatsoever. He was planning on proposing to her, and then she breaks up with him over the phone. I thought it was a little harsh since they had dated for over two years. I know her family really liked him, and he got along really well with all of us. My friend just wasn’t that into him. Shouldn’t she have ended this sooner if she was indifferent to him?

Hate to See Someone Sucker-punched

Algoma, Wis.


Dear Hate to See Someone Sucker-punched,

That does seem a little harsh to me. I’m sure you’re familiar with the old adage “all is fair in love and war;” however, I cry foul on this one. Here you’ve got a guy who’s picking out rings and planning a future when clearly your friend wasn’t feeling the same way. My guess is that it was pretty obvious how her boyfriend felt about her. Unless he acted totally casually and didn’t talk about their future, it seems cruel to have led this guy on. Unless your friend is totally clueless, she knew she should have ended this much sooner than she did.

Also, the phone call to end a two year relationship? Beyond childish and cowardly. Her boyfriend deserved to be talked to face-to-face. I hope that your friend learns how to treat others with more consideration and that her ex finds someone more deserving of his time.

Good luck,

Mary Pat

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